Java EE developer


  1. Intermediate technical English – fluent technical documentation reading and documenting source code
  2. Linux as an user
  3. Common OOP knowledge, patterns, code metrics. UML (reading) - advantage
  4. Experience with java development tools – maven, junit, SCM (svn/git/mercurial), IDE, debug, profiling, app servers
  5. Not less than 3 years of permanent practical Server side java experience, including:
    • Java language and JVM platform, JDK tools. OCP certificate – advantage
    • Java SDK including concurrency, io, nio, networking, collections, classloading, security, reflection, jdbc, annotations, generics
    • JavaEE including Servlets, JSP, JSTL, EJB3, JPA, JMS, CDI, JAX-RS.
    • SQL, databases, ORM – JPA or Hibernate. NoSQL – advantage
    • HTTP (including common headers, cookies, authorization, SSL)
    • Frontend (HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax). Frontend MVC frameworks, SPA, Less/Sass, Grunt/Gulp – advantage
    • Spring framework, Spring security.
  6. Freelancing experience – advantage

Junior Java EE developer


  1. Desire to become a Java professional.
  2. Intermediate Technical English – fluent documentation reading.
  3. General knowledge of OOP, design patterns.
  4. Fluent knowledge of Java SE within the scope of Oracle Java tutorial
  5. Basic knowledge of JavaEE technologies – Servlet, JSP
  6. Basic knowledge of SQL databases and ORM – JPA or Hibernate, NoSQL – advantage
  7. Basic knowledge of frontend technologies – HTML, CSS, Javascript
  8. Working JavaEE sample projects

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