Technologies: AndroidSDK

Vyke Technologies has just released Android Mobile Client, its development was covered by Pragmasoft.

It lets you make international calls from an Android phone way cheaper. It supports Vyke Callback and Callthough features. To make a call, you should open Android Mobile client and select the number you like to call. Click Call in Mobile Client, and your phone connects to the Vyke server via GPRS/EDGE/3G to make a call. So within seconds you get connected to the destination phone. 

Android Mobile Client’s great advantage that it has call interception feature: if you dial an international number on your phone it will automatically be made through Vyke Mobile Client rather then through your mobile provider. 

With Vyke Android Mobile Client you can:

  • Enable „Register“ or „Log on“ to Vyke in client
  • View available Vyke account balance in client
  • Make Callthrough and Callback calls
  • Enable client to access and use Android address book

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