Technologies: Adobe Flex, Java, JavaScript, REST, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Click, FreeMaker, Batik, Jersey, jQuery.

Prinly is a powerful online Design Tool to let you design an identity kit online, and have it shipped straight to your door. You can easily design business cards, letterheads, envelopes and postcards with the help of Prinly Design Tool.

Pragmasoft has contributed significant effort to make the interaction with Prinly intuitive, easy and pleasant. Prinly Designer turned out to be a modern tool built using cutting edge technologies. Now you don’t have to address a design studio, and neither you have to master any complex design application, you can easily create a business card on your own in a Prinly Online Designer. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and the result is nice!

Pragmasoft team worked on Prinly from scratch. The project scope included:

  • Design phase, including logo design, site design, UI/UX analysis and development of the effective interface for online designer, HTML/CSS slicing.
  • Development of the online Design Tool from scratch on Flex.
  • Server side development, scripting.

The Design Tool deserves a closer look. Pragmasoft has dedicated special attention to enhancing the usability for the Card Designer, make the it work smooth and fast. With Prinly Card Designer you can design a business card using one of a numerous standard backgrounds available at Prinly, design a card with no/solid background, or upload your own background into the system. The Design Tool allows you to work freely with texts, upload custom images and backgrounds; all available panels are arranged in the form of accordion, which uses the screen space effectively and allows for a spacious working area. 

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