Echo Nearest Lanes

Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Data, Spring Security SAML Provider, Google JavaScript Maps API, Postgres SQL, Redshift, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Data Pipeline, AWS RDS

Application is being used by logistic company for prediction of cost of load transportation from one location to other.
The prediction bases on proprietary statistical algorithm, that analyzes history of transportations.

Application consists of 2 parts :

  • Scheduled ETL process, that
    • imports history of transportations from FTP folder into DB
    • makes statistical calculations
    • saves results to DB for visualization in Web UI
    • exports results of statistical calculations to FTP folder.
  • Web UI for visualizations of results of calculations, that
    • Authorize users with SAML Connector
    • Visualize transportation route and comparable historical transportation routes on Google Maps
    • Displays details of comparable historical transportations
    • Shows a statistical prediction of transportation cost.

Scheduled ETL process is coded with Spring Batch framework and deployed to AWS Data Pipeline infrastructure.
Web UI is written with Angular JS frontend framework and communicates via REST with Spring MVC backend.

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